Our architectural firm is dedicated to providing you, our client, with a high quality product. Through our creative design process we analyze your needs and develop individualized solutions to meet them. Our goal is to maintain or improve the quality of the built environment. We maintain a high level of confidentiality and ethical standards. We offer a full range of architectural and interior design services, as follows


We first analyze your needs by asking questions and gathering information particular to your Project. This will involve discussions with all of the parties involved and reviews of: site plans, surveys, zoning and building department requirements, field measurements and other existing conditions (if any). We will discuss the type of project that we are working on together, spatial requirements (number and type of rooms), adjacency requirements and space planning (how spaces and activities are required to flow or work together), barrier-free requirements (if any), alternative energy sources, sustainable design, emotional needs, desires, stylistic choices, level and type of detail, and budget. Due to budgetary or time constraints, this phase may include Master Planning as well. We can develop a Master Plan where certain parts of the Project are completed immediately and others may follow a one, two, five or even a ten year plan.


We usually use free hand style drawings and sketches to design several creative solutions which meet the program requirements identified in the Programming Phase. We meet with you, discuss the sketches, make sure that you understand them and then refine and revise the designs until all of your program requirements are met.


We refine and perfect the chosen design scheme and begin to draw it on the computer in preparation for Construction Drawing development. We meet with you to discuss details, materials, finishes and we research unusual ideas, always referring to the program requirements to make sure that we are still meeting your needs. We begin the computer generated Specifications in this phase to describe the project for the Contractor.


We turn the computer generated Design Development Drawings into Construction Drawings, which can include: a site plan,floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections & details, interior elevations & details, structural drawings, and mechanical and electrical drawings, depending upon the size and complexity of the Project. We complete the Construction Drawings and Specifications with the dimensions and details required to obtain the Building Permit and to allow the Contractor or Contractors to provide a competitive or negotiated bid for the Project.



We assist in Building Permit application, solicitation of Bids or negotiation for a fixed Contract Price, inspection during the construction process, review of the Contractor’s Application for Payment, management of Change Orders and Progress Reports, coordination with outside agencies and Owner supplied Contractors (Audio Consultants, Security Consultants, Landscape Architects, Decorators, etc.)


We always recommend utilizing the full range of our services, which include representing the Owner through the entire construction process; however, our clients can also manage certain aspects of the construction process on their own. We customize our services to suit each Owner’s needs and the size and complexity of the Project.